About Aerial Silks

Aerial silks is both a performing art and a form of fitness that is steadily gaining popularity and accessibility. No longer is this daring and dramatic experience limited to the circus and Cirque Du Soleil; aerial arts are a thing you can touch, interact with, move with, and become! Aerial silks, in particular, draws on elements of dance, acrobatics, yoga, rope climbing, contortion and more. This art form is also commonly referred to as silks, fabric, aerial fabric, tissue and aerial tissue. Individuals performing on any aerial apparatus including but not limited to aerial fabric, trapeze, rope, lyra, and aerial hammock/sling are called aerialists, aerial dancers, aerial acrobats, or aerial performers. 

Aerial exercises performed on aerial fabric include climbing, inverting,  balancing, spinning, static poses,  simple and complex wraps, as well as strategic drops and free falls. All of these exercises are performed at heights generally anywhere from 10' to 35' and sometimes higher. A properly trained, experienced aerialist possesses an immense amount of physical and mental strength, agility, flexibility, confidence and stamina. To observe an aerialist performing on fabric is an awe inspiring, breathtaking experience. Better yet, to become an aerialist is an exhilarating adventure in which you will discover capacity within yourself you had no idea you possessed! 

Aerial training is both highly aerobic and anaerobic exercise. While many skills in isolation are more geared towards strength training, as skills are combined and sequenced together, aerial training becomes more aerobic. Aerial training builds mental and physical endurance, increases agility and coordination, develops brain-body connection, builds body awareness, and sculpts the entire physique with specific attention to the arms, shoulders, back and abdominals. Not to mention, you will gain a grip of steel! 

For aerial arts, arriving at intermediate and advanced levels means hard work and dedication to the development of strength and endurance, the enhancement of flexibility and coordination, and the capacity to trust in the process and techniques. However, entering into aerial arts at a beginner level is simple and can be accomplished by essentially anyone. A person's body weight, build, initial level of strength and stamina have far less to do with their success on these apparatuses in comparison with simply their desire to try and commit to believing in themselves. Even many physical injuries which are seemingly inhibiting can be overridden with perseverance, proper body conditioning and training. If aerial arts is something you've been the least bit curious about, remember that the only person in your way is you!