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This class is 60 minutes in length; consisting of a 10 minute floor warmup, a 5 minute cool down, and approximately 45 minutes on the fabric/apparatus. the sole purpose of this class is to get you feeling comfortable and confident with getting Above Ground. We will discuss proper body positioning and safety techniques, and all skills will be assisted and performed low to the ground (no higher than 1-3 feet). We will familiarize you with 2 basic hangs, 2 basic knots, and 2 basic poses. 

DISCLAIMERS: NO GYM-TIMIDATION HERE!  What makes this condensed introductory course so special is that it's only for FIRST TIMERS. Everyone will be asked to perform the same skills which are designed for any body type, age, or lifestyle.

FOR THE EXPERIENCED AERIALIST:  Whether you have weeks, months, or even years of aerial experience or none at all, this class is for you! If it's your first time with us, it's important that you become acquainted with us and the way we do aerial. We recognize that not all aerial training facilities are created equal; aerial arts lack a governing body and a universal language, which has its challenges. However, we strive for excellence and take pride in our in depth level of instructor training, safety precautions and progressive learning techniques.

FOR TRUE BEGINNERS:  "I have like, NO upper body strength! How in the world am I going to do this?!" - said pretty much every beginner ever. 

Have no fear! The majority of students do not begin with significant upper body strength. These classes will build the strength you need. If your only knowledge of aerial silk is Cirque du Soleil, wipe that memory from your brain. Aerial workout can be tailored to meet your specific needs, body type, strength level and comfort level. Additionally, you will not be prompted to do anything you are physically or mentally uncomfortable with.

Beginner 1 & 2 AERIAL SILKS & HAMMOCK 

This class is 75 minutes in length; consisting of a 15 minute floor warmup, 5 minute cool down, and approximately 50-55 minutes on silks and hammock/sling. (All of our classes are time structured this way except for Intro to Above Ground.) This class targets any beginner student or transfer student.

As a Beginner 1 aerialist, your goal is to develop your "aerial muscles"! You will be introduced to basic hangs, knots, climbs, and a variety of skills and poses. The focus is on tapping into your upper body, core, and grip strength. Developing body awarenes and learning how to trust, balance and move on your apparatus are also key focal points.

As a Beginner 2 aerialist, you will certainly begin to see results in your strength and fluidity. Your goals are to continue building strength and endurance. We will hone in on proper body technique, sequencing skills together, and emphasize more skills in the air.

Each student will be given skill progression, essentially a syllabus/checklist. Each student advances in skill level as he or she completes a skill progression, proving to perform each skill efficiently and without a spotter. Advancing in skill level is not a time-sensitive matter; rather, it is completely dependent on one's level of fitness, schedule and availability to practice the skills, and personal motivation.   

Intermediate / Advanced AERIAL SILKS 

This is an aerial silks and hammock/sling class in which you will continue developing your aerial muscles and skills on a "higher" level. Learn how all those fundamental skills lead up to more challenging, complex skills. Increase your strength, flexibility and understanding of your body mechanics in relationship to the fabric. Learn creative new ways of climbing, making efficient use of your energy and strength, link poses together, begin learning more dynamic skills.

Try the SEQUENCING class

Learn how to link skills together. Here we find new transitions, build routines, learn to flow, and polish what we already know.

Try the DROPS & TECHNIQUES class

Get savvy on new drops, learn variations of old drops, collaborate and discuss what flows and works best. The most technical class offered by Above Ground. 


This is an aerial silks and hammock/sling class with combined levels: Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate/Advanced. Beginners get to observe "what's next", INT/ADV get refreshed on their Fundamentals.  For more information, please read descriptions of the classes above. 

CIRQUET (think circus + circuit!)

From lunges to inversions and from crunches to climbs - this is a total body aerial fat burning & conditioning class. We change up our routine a bit each week to keep it interesting. All levels are welcome! 75 minutes. 


Aside from our speciality (all things FABRIC), we offer 3 additional apparatuses:


The rope is akin to silks in that it is a vertical apparatus, although it differs in flexibility. Transfer your silks skills to the rope. Learn wraps, holds, tension locks, climbs, releases and more!


Learn the techniques of balancing, stabilizing, transitioning and making beautiful shapes on and inside the hoop. The lyra is a solid steel structure that, unlike fabric, does not bend or flex. 


"Static" trapeze refers to poses, holds, inversions, beats and other skills executed on a trapeze apparatus that is rigged to sway back and forth and/or spin. This is in contrast to the high-altitude dynamics of flying trapeze commonly seen in the circus or Cirque du Soleil. Dance trapeze focuses more on the elements guessed it... dance, grace, spinning and flowy transitions. 

In each MULTI - APPARATUS class, we will focus on 2 or 3 different apparatuses. Learn the similarities and differences in movement theories among these apparatuses. 


This is one of Above Ground Aerial's biggest hits! This fun and exciting class combines skills you've been working on in our other classes AND a partner! Rotate partners throughout the hour performing base and flyer skills. Learn counter-balances, holds, stacks, climbs and sequences. TOGETHER, learn how to create and connect cool shapes on your aerial apparatus. While we recommend that you reach our Beginner 2 Level before attending this class, some exceptions may be made. 


Open gym / studio sessions are an opportunity to practice skills you have already learned. No new skills will be learned during open gyms unless the instructor makes an exception. Please do not ask your peers to "teach" you a skill or remind you of how to execute a specific skill. Only ask your instructor! 

*PREREQUISITES: Students must attend at least 3 classes with Above Ground. 


The stronger your muscles get, the tighter and less flexible they become. We need our flexibility not only as aerialists, but as humans! All those laboring hours of working our muscles deserves some quality stretching. Come get it here! 45 minutes. 





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